Asha: Friends...

When the noise of the vampires' reaction hit me, it was like a physical blow. Their shock was to be expected. And of course they're angry, what did you expect? You probably killed someone they knew.. But they had a right to know who I really was, and what I used to be. What I could be again..

I hung my head low, tears falling onto the desk. Tirs was the first to come up to me. She had more right to hate me than most, being a Pureblood. I had killed a lot of her kind, much to my shame. To my suprise, she put her arms around me, "Asha, we've all done things we were ashamed of.." I looked at her shocked, as she went on "I will forgive you and stand by you." I returned her smile, amazed that she could do that.

Close behind her, Sylvester pushed his way towards me. I expected nothing but condemnation from him. I had heard what had happened between Sasha and him, and he barely knew me. He could have been a good friend aswell, and he looks like he needs one. I faced him squarely, pretending bravery I didn't have. To my suprise, he pulled me into a feirce hug. I closed my eyes, returning it with equal force. “You can only hide from your shadow for so long, and today you stepped into the light and faced it. We may all be damned, but there’s nothing from stopping us going without a fight. You have faced your past, Asha, and now it is just that – your past.” he told me gently. I fought back the tears that came at that. "Thank you Sylvester," I murmured into his chest. "Thank you."

A small girl came up to me shyly. "Hey" she said quietly "I'm Sara. I just want you to know that even though I don't know you, I still forgive you..." She was so lovely. I smiled at her, I couldn't help it, even though there were still tears in my eyes. "Thank you" I said to her as she came around to stand by me. Sylvester still had his arm over my shoulder. Looking over the crowd, I caught Aria's eye, and she smiled, coming over to me."You're braver than I thought you'd be. That took a lot of courage. I know most vampires'd rather run than reveal their darker secrets. And of course I don't hold it against ya, I couldn't bear a grudge if I tried" she said, bringing another small smile from me. I was grateful for her support, since she was one of the few people I had properly met here.

She stayed with me for a while. Some people came and passed their judgement, most saying that while they thought what I had done was horrific, they weren't sure what to do since they didn't really know me. Better than I have been treated before, and the others didn't know the whole story. I can't believe this..Its incredible.

After a while, Sylvester slipped away. I watched him go, followed shortly by Aria. They both smiled at me before going up the stairs. I smiled back, feeling stronger all the time. Kyoshiro then came up to me. He laughed at me. "You know, the Shadow chased me for about two months before I came here. Who knew that it was you."

Shoot..I was hoping he wouldn't remember that.. He was one of the only people to get away. I knew I remembered his face from somewhere.

I knew my shock registered on my face, but I didn't bother to hide it. What would that achieve now? He went on saying, "I forgive you, but try to shot me with a crossbow again and I won't go easy on you." I ducked my head, embarassed.

"Don't worry," I said quietly. "As long as we're on the same side, I won't attack you in any way, except maybe the odd bad-tempered remark. I'm sorry"

He laughed again and walked off, his head held high. That's one odd vampire.. But Its good to know that he is on my side.

Kyoshiro's laughing had attracted a lot of attention, and people had been staring at us while we were speaking, but when Jay came up, they hurriedly returned to their own conversation. I was instantly nervous again. He ran up to me as soon as Kyoshiro had finished. "

Is that what you were hiding?" he asked. I looked at him, my apology written all over my face. I hesitated a little

"Yeah" I replied quietly. hanging my head again.

Of all the people that could have been mad at me why did it have to be Jay? 

 He carried on talking, "Is that all? You didn't need to hide that from me! As loads of people have said, we all have dark secrets to bear." My head jerked up, and I smiled properly at him. He came round the desk and hugged me. I returned his hug, feeling like I was exactly where I belonged. I couldn't believe how lucky I had been. I dimly noticed that we were alone now. Everyone had quietly left.  

Now or never... He obviously cares..

He touched my cheek lightly, meeting my eyes fully. 

This is your chance!

I put one hand on his cheek, and, as I had wanted to do since I had arrived, finally, kissed Jay.

The End

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