Aria: Brave

See, I knew Sara was nice. She stayed with Asha the whole time while people said what they had to say. I caught Asha's eye and smiled. She smiled back. Of course I forgave her. Well, she hadn't done anything to me so frankly there was nothing to forgive. And if it was Council members she killed I don't blame her, those guys are horrible. Cheshire and Sabrié flashed through my mind. I waited for the others to pass judgement, most forgiving Asha but a couple kicked off a little. I smiled at Asha again and walked over to her.

"You're braver than I thought you'd be. That took a lot of courage. I know most vampires'd rather run than reveal their darker secrets. And of course I don't hold it against ya, I couldn't bear a grudge if I tried" I said enthusiasticaly.

Asha was tired and simply nodded. I gave her yet another smile and headed up to my room. I caught Sylvester just about to go into his.

"Well well, Moody Pants, is that a happy look I see?" I asked.

"Moody Pants?" he asked, still fumbling with the door key.

"Yep, Moody Pants. If I call ya Sylvester I'll just end up askin' ya where Tweety Pie is. And Moody Pants is cuter than Mr. Moody" I grinned.

Sylvester sighed.

"Anyways, y'all didn't answer my question".

"What question?"

"Is that a happy look I see? Ever since you got here you've been all," I posed with a huge scowl on my face, "but now ya look happier'n ever. Y'all got a crush on Asha, right?!"

"Aria, be serious".

"I'm deadly serious. 'Cause, if y'all be crushing on Asha, I think her and Jay have got a lil' thang goin' on but neither of em realise it yet. Shame, he really is cute. But, who am I to interupt the path of love, right?"

"You're starting to sound like a hippie".

"Man, you ever drunk from a hippie? They taste like swamp water. Actually, some of em smell like it, too. D'you reckon they wash in it?" I asked. My concern for the almost happy look on Sylvester's face was gone. I was more interested on hearin' his thoughts about hippie's washin' in swamp water.

The End

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