Sylvester: Shadows

There was a sudden outburst of noise which filled every corner of the room. Some looked outraged; some, like Tirs, wanted to forgive and forget. I saw the tears rolling from Asha’s chin onto the desk, splattering the guest book. I was overcome by the urge to help, because I understood her pain. Maybe I hadn’t done something as horrific as what she had just described, maybe it was just one person, but I knew her guilt, and I recognized her shame.

I walked as if in slow motion towards her, overcome by pity, pushing past the other vampires to get to the desk. Striding straight past the Pureblood I wrapped my arms around Asha’s shoulders and hugged her. “You can only hide from your shadow for so long, and today you stepped into the light and faced it. We may all be damned, but there’s nothing from stopping us going without a fight. You have faced your past, Asha, and now it is just that – your past.” I closed my eyes tightly, and thought of Clara. I felt as if a weight had lifted from my shoulders – maybe the shadow that had been following me all these years could finally be faced.

Sometime soon I too would step into the light.

The End

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