Sylvester: Adrian and Asha

After having spent most of the morning sitting on the edge of my bed and staring out the window, virtually undisturbed by anyone, I was only a little mortified to hear a voice in my head telling us to go to the Main Hall. If someone could get inside my mind and command me to do something, then what else could they do whilst in there? What if they could see everything that I’d been trying to run away from? Panicking I rose to my feet and ran into the hallway, and surprisingly it was filling up with people. I seemed to tower over most of the other vampires, and a few gave me strange looks. Bracing myself I grabbed the shoulder of a guy with bright aqua eyes and brown hair and inquired, as politely as possible, what the heck everyone was doing in the hallway?

“Did you hear it? The voice?” he replied.

“You did too?” I was incredulous.

“Everybody did. I think someone has something very important to tell us.”

I thanked him and went along with the throng of people, feeling very uncomfortable. Then someone’s long hair brushed my arm and I flinched. She must have sensed my anxiety because she looked up at me as we all stumbled down the steps into the Main Hall. I recognised her, only slightly; she had passed me on the staircase to the mirror room when I first arrived.

“Hi.” I breathed. She had the clearest eyes, traced with a hint of light brown eyeliner.

“Hey,” She smiled cautiously. “... So you know what any of this is about?”

I shook my head, and glanced down at my feet again. I sensed her quickly losing interest, but as the group of us came to a confused stop in the Main Hall she was still by my side.

“I’m Sylvester.” I added loudly, a little embarrassed.

She turned back to me, smiling politely. “Adrian.”

Just as I was about to offer her my hand to shake we heard a small but confident voice from behind the front desk say, “I have something important to say. I think all of you should hear it.”

It was Asha.

The End

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