Sara: A Thought, But Not My Thought

Someone walked in, but I wasnt going to stop reading - I hated being interrupted. They sat on the sofa next to me and put thier head on my shoulder. I had just finished The Knife of Never Letting Go and now I was reading The Ask and The Answer. Eventually, I got annoyed at them reading over my shoulder.

"Read this if you want something to read Imira" I said irritably, passing her a book called The Secret Circle. She took the book from me and started reading. I got back to my book. I think Imira left after a while. As I got to page 234, something suddenly rang in my head.

Come to the main hall, there's something you should know.

I knew that some vampires had powers, I guess projecting thought into peoples head was someones power. I didnt recognise the voice. I sighed and put the book down. I went to the main hall, there were already a few people there. There was a girl standing behind the desk, she was obvoiusly the one who'd told us all to be here.

The End

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