Asha: The Past Will Never Let You Go Without A Fight

I ended up in my room. Jay's kindness had really touched me, and I had well and truely fallen for him. Howver it was still tempered by the fact I wanted to leave my past behind me. I was a banished vampire.. When he found out..If he found out, he would turn on me like everyone else, I was sure of it.

I was so angry at those at the Council. They had ruled my life by fear ever since they handed down the judgement of banishment on me as a fledgling. I was attacked, defended myself and ended up killing the two by accident. I was barely turned, and I didn't know my own strength. They left me to a life where I was either running from or fighting with every vampire I met, as soon as they discovered my past. They left me to a life of lonliness and violence, because they would not forgive a fledgling for an accident. The familiar anger and injustice flared brightly. How could I ever have peace with that in everyone's mind? Vampire Mansion is the first place I have ever felt welcome, like I might have a chance at happiness. The cost: keeping my past in the shadows, where it belonged.

I knock at the door interrupted my thoughts. I felt tense but thought it would be rude to ignore them. It was Kyroshiro


"May I come in?"

"What do you want?" I didnt mean to sound rude but my mood was definately sour.

"I want to apologize," then I began to explain.

When he had finished, I was beyond furious. There were angry tears in my eyes, but I refused to cry in front of him.

"You were there..the Council.. Do you have any idea what you did? I was a fledgeling. I had no one. You stole any chance of a normal life from me! I have had to fight everyday since that judgement. This place is the only place I have managed to find some kind of peace since then... and now you come along.." I grabbed my knife, levelling it at him. I dropped my voice low "Tell anyone about my past, without talking to me first, and I'll kill you. I finally have a shot at peace. I'm not going to let you ruin it for me."

I shoved past him, slamming my door as I ran. I couldn't hold the tears back now, and I heard people shout after me as a ran past them on the stairs. They must have heard the yelling. As I ran out into the hall, I heard Jay's voice above them all, shouting for me to stop. It felt like a kick in the stomach, but I ignored him, running away from all of them. I just had to get away. I burst out of the Mansion, and made straight for the trees. I could hear the others' voices fading away as I lost them. I paid no attention to where I was going. After a while, I fell, and just sat there, numb.

I've blown it. I can't go back now. I'll have to explain and they'll kick me out. I'll loose Jay.. Why can't I escape this?

The End

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