Tirs: Caught Red Lipped

I woke in at dawn. I sat up, and streched. I smiled, and made my bed. I got dressed into a pale blue dress that came just bellow my knees. I smiled, leaving my feet bare, and walked out. A guy and a girl looked at me in shock. I smiled and waved...like I had been taught.

I began to step lightly down the stairs, until I heard a sigh. I walked back up, and saw a winged boy leaning on a balcony. I widened my eyes, and smiled. I let my wings become visible, and shook them out. I flapped the softly, and flew to his side. "Are you ok, Pixie?" I asked. He gave a shout, and fell over the edge of the balcony in shock. I flew over, and took his hand, stabling his own wings for him to get back up.

"What are you?" he asked softly, still holding my hand. I smiled, and took my hand away from his. "Hehe, I'm the Pureblood princess Tirs. Nice to meet you...Matty, is it?" I said. He gave a nod. "I love my power. Hehe." I giggled, fluttering my wings. He grinned. I touched my throat lightly, and swallowed.

"I don't suppose I could.....?" I asked softly, scarcly more than a whisper. He thought for a moment, and nodded. I took him into the room, and we sat side by side on the bed. I slid a hand up over his front to touch his neck. I pulled him gently closer. He leaned his head to the side, exposing his neck. I put a finger to his cheek, turned his head to me, kissed him lips lightly, then bit into his neck. I closed my eyes a moment, nd realized he didn't mind. Then, a gasp. A girl was stood at the door. Then her twin. The first was a human, the second a vampire. Dang. Caught red lipped. 

The End

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