Jay: It's Okay.

After Asha had left the lounge, I laid back on the setee, and read Twilight. Hah. Sparkly Vampires? What was this world coming to. I guess that the book is a really good book. Brilliant, even. But the sparkly girliness of the Vampires? It was obviously written by a girl. When I finished, I felt a burn in my dessicated throat. I got up, and glided into the kitchen. I didn't want to hunt right now, or even suck someone's blood. I just wanted to drink it. It didn't have to come from anyone.

"Hey," Kyroshiro said, making me jump a foot in the air.

"Jeez! You could knock!"

"On what? The wall? Anyway, your thirsty, right?"


"Well, you see those Wine bottles over there?" He said, pointing,

"Wine? I just want blood."

"It's a Vampire hotel. What do you think is going to be in those wine bottles?"

"Oh." I almost flew to the wine bottles, opened one, and drank. Sure enough, the delicious coppery taste filled my mouth.

"Mmm... This is good. How come I never knew." I turned around but he was gone. "How rude." I said, and then shrugged, and took the bottle into the lounge. All I could do was think about Asha. I'd never felt this way before!

The End

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