Kyoshiro: Sorry.

I walked to the foyer and sat down in a corner and began to think.

That girl just now, I remember her, but from where.

I began to think of all the women I had ever fed off, none  of them looked like her, especially with no heads. Then, it hit me.

The council! She was that girl they banished. That was back when I was trying to fit into society. Heh, ironically they banished me shortly after for killing humans. Good riddance, they were to goody-two-shoes for me.

I then decided that I should apologize to Asha. I stood up, and began walking up the stairs to her room. I only knew which one it was because of her thoughts. I knocked on the door of room 16. I heard some grumbling on the otherside and she answered. She looked at me and seemed rather angry.

"May I come in?"

"What do you want?"

"I want to apologize," then, I began to explain.

The End

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