Sylvester: Aria Alarm Clock

Morning had come already, and I’d spent what felt like my thousandth sleepless night trying not to think of the girl I used to know, and focus instead on the people I had recently met. I could hear Aria downstairs; it was most definitely her flipping and kart-wheeling into the hallway which had brought me back to the real world, disturbing my thoughts, so early in the morning. I could sense more than one vampire was awake still; all night I had heard the buzzing of their thoughts in my head, but I hadn’t been able to clarify a single one. Except for a vampire stuck in the simplicity of childhood over in room three – she was thinking about root beer and someone called James. In fact, now that daytime had come and my thoughts were more organised, I realised that Vampire Mansion actually consisted of more than just my species. There was even a human, not that she had anything to worry about with me. I rarely feed on them without consent.

Vampire Mansion? No way. More like safe haven for the hunted…

I got out of bed and stared at the door. On the other side of that door was the second day of my vampire life spent in the company of others. I hesitated, glancing over my shoulder at the open window which let in a brisk winter morning breeze. Finally I swung open the door, only to come face to face with Aria. Hastily tugging my sleeve down over the scars on my left wrist I faked a smile and said I was going downstairs.

“Oh no ya don’t mister!” She dragged me back by my elbow. “The lovebirds down there don’t want to be disturbed by your surly demeanour so early in the morning… I think we’d all like to be spared that until much later in the day.” She winked.

I had to admit, it was difficult to dislike Aria.

The End

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