Sara: New Smells

The light woke me. I sat up and stretched. It was morning. I was slightly thirsty, so after getting dressed (into some white skinny jeans and a purple top) I went into the kitchen and drained a small bottle of blood. It was chilled. That was a good thing, I was sick to death of warm blood. After, I went to explore the mansion properly. I'd never got to because of...

First, I went to the guest book and memorised all the names, and the rooms they were in. I walked along the corridor first. As I passed room 4, I smelt a smell that I hadn't smelled in a long time - human. I knew better than to knock and investigate, I hadn't been around humans and still didn't really know how to control my thirst properly. The people in this room were Ana and Ema. I wondered which one was the human. I walked past, reading each of the room names and what the person behind the door was like. Except, of coarse, the people I'd already met.I passed room 6 and smelt something I hadn't smelled before, the same thing happened as I passed room 9. When I passed room 15, I smelled the one other smell I knew excetpt vampire and human: pureblood. A pureblood lived in the mansion. I suddenly felt honored. All the other rooms smelt like vampire. I wondered when I'd meet them all. Well, good things come to those who wait. I went back to my room, grabbed my book and went into a room with sofas on to read it.

The End

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