Asha: Falling

I paused on the bottom stair. I wanted Jay to catch my arm or something but I heard him go out to the kitchen, and the sound of voices coming from there. I stayed where I was, torn between wanting to go back to Jay and keeping my past secret. I was sure that he would ask more-and I realised that I couldn't let him know. He would hate me, and I couldn't bear that.

Damn, I've fallen for this guy...I can't have been here more than five minutes! What am I going to do?

I was tempted to follow Jay to the kitchen, but my body had other ideas- my leg gave a particularly vicious throb. I winced, and went upstairs to lie down.

I'll be ok in a couple of hours, I just need a bit of sleep.

Halfway along the corridor, I came across Kyoshiro. He has snow in his hair but looked pleased with himself. Tired as I was, I thought it would be rude to just ignore him

"..Hi, What have you been up to?" I laughed, nodding to the snow in his hair.

"Snowball fight," he said, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

My laughter died away. This vampire reminded me of the others I had known before. The ones who had made my life hell. I kept a lid on the resentment that came bubbling up.

"I know this is kind of obvious, but you carry a sword..why is that? Most vampires try to keep a low profile nowadays, doesn't it cause a lot of problems?"

"I carry my sword because I find it the most effective method of disposing of my enemies. I never have problems."

Something about this guy ticked me off. He spoke like he knew a lot better than everyone else, but wasn't going to help you out of anything if you needed it. Not to mention he was really starting to remind me of the vampires that exiled me. I resisted the urge to show how much he was annoying me.

"I guess that's fair enough" I said tightly "Well, I'll see you around"

I walked off quickly, before I did something stupid. My mind was racing.

Why does he remind me of that Council? I don't think he was there-was he? No, I would have remembered him surely..But there were so many vampires there.. I suppose he could have been in the crowd. No, no, it would have been too much of a coincidence, I'm sure its just the way he talks or something. I'm being stupid.

I shook the thought from my head as I finally got back to my room. I shut the door with a sigh. My senses were slowly getting better, and I could sense the whole house now, but I still wasn't fully healed.

Just a couple of hours sleep and I'll be fine.

I slept longer than I thought, and it was morning when I finally woke, although I was finally better. I went downstairs to see who else was up. Turning the corner, there was a vampire I hadn't met yet, and I noticed with a jolt, Jay.

"Hey, guys." I said from around the corner, smiling.

"Hi, Asha, I'm Aria." Aria introduced herself,

"Hi,"I replied, looking at Jay.

"I'll give you two some alone time." She said,

"Look,"Jay said to me as soon as Aria was gone, "I'm sorry that I offended you, please, please, forgive me." he begged.

"You didn't really offend me." I replied shortly, "I just didn't like the memories. Plus, I needed rest after the holy silver." I felt a twinge of guilt for lying, especially since he genuinely seemed upset that he thought he had hurt me.

"So, we're friends now?" he asked, hopeful.

"We were always friends." I laughed, settling on the leather by him, close enough to touch. I faced him, and looked him full in the eyes, driven by some kind of bravery I had never felt. I smiled gently.

"You're one of the very few people who has ever shown me any real kindness, Jay" I said, softly "How could I be mad at you?"

I looked down again, trying to fight the tears. He reached over and put his hand on mine

"Sorry," I muttered "I'm not normally like this"

His hand held mine properly

"It's ok" he said "It's ok"

The End

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