Jay: Tomorrow.

Morning came quickly. They say that time flies when you're having fun, but that didn't count with this situation. Time flew, yet I was tense, and definately not having fun. I was one of only a few people- well, Vampires- who didn't sleep, so I went downstairs at dawn. I sat on a red leather setee And rested my forhead on my clenched fists. I stayed there until Aria came down.

"Hey, has that girl- what was it?- Asha came down?" She asked,

"Not yet." I replied in an emotionless voice.

"Oh, well, it gives you more time to prepare what you're going to say, huh?" She said in her usual cheery voice. I then smelt a familiar scent. Speak of the Devil- the incredibly good looking she-devil-

"Hey, guys." Asha said from around the corner,

"Hi, Asha, I'm Aria." Aria introduced herself,

"Hi," Asha greeted,

"I'll give you two some alone time." She said,

"Look," I said to Asha as soon as Aria was gone, "I'm sorry that I offended you, please, please, forgive me." I begged,

"You didn't really offend me." She stated, "I just didn't like the memories. Plus, I needed rest after the Holy Silver," She explained.

"So, we're friends now?"

"We were always friends." She laughed.

The End

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