Sara: Brownies

Sylvester had gone to his room. I think he'd forgiven me, I wasn't sure. He got a bit moody after Aria had planted a joke kiss on his forehead. Aria wanted to make brownies.

"I'll make brownies with you" I offered "I haven't had them in so long" I remembered the last time I'd had them. It had been on my fourteenth birthday, my Auntie had made them...

"Yay!" Aria interrupted the memory. She pulled me to the kitchen. I happily helped her search for the ingredients and we watched them brown in the oven. When we took them out she grabbed one immediately and took a bite. They smelt so good that I had to take one too. We nearly finished the whole plate. I hadn't been this happy in, well, eight years. As I finished my fifth brownie, someone came in.

"Hi, I'm Jay" he said. 

"Hi, I'm Sara" I said at the same time Aria said: "Hi. I'm Aria" I laughed. I pointed at myself "Sara" then I pointed at Aria "Aria" Jay nodded.

"Want a brownie?" Aria asked cheerfully, holding out the last brownie. I laughed at her.

The End

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