Kyoshiro: Good work!

I slightly smiled at the intervention to Raven leaving. Jay was having fun with that girl, and I felt a twinge of thirst.

Odd, usually I don't feel thirst for about a week.

I begin counting back the days since my last meal. Then I quickly realize, it's been a week and a half. I smile broadly.

Beat my own record.

I then walked out the door, and I could feel eyes watching me as I left. I wandered out into the snow covered forest. Hoping for a hunter, or two. Then, my ears pick something up, human voices, two of them.


I then run with lightning speed to be there, all the hunters raised shotguns. I unsheathed my sword and stabbed one to a tree, being careful not to damage any organs or to make him loose blood. I then focus my attention on the second one. I jump upon him and push him against a tree, his gun lying far out of reach for him to kill me with it.

I then open my jaw and wrap my teeth around his neck. I bite in and the warm, sticky blood begins to flow down my throat. The man tries to scream, but doesn't have the strength and the more he paniced the faster I drank. Then, when I was sure there wasn't a drop of blood left within him I pulled away. Leaving him on the ground.

Then, I turn about to see the second hunter, pinned to a tree by my sword. I quickly walk toward him and I bite him as well. The warm liquid now being freed from his body, it tasted so good. His panic and fear sped the blood up more, pumping more and more out of his wound. Then, he was also dry.

I took the sword out of his belly, and his body fell to the ground, sprawled out spread-eagle. I then cut his head off. Quickly, I walked to the second hunter and decapitated him as well.

"We must not infect the world with the plague of being a vampire. None I drink from shall become what I am."

I then used a piece of clothing from one of my victims to wipe off my sword. I then sheathed it, ran back to the mansion, and joined the snowball fight.

The End

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