Sara: Sylvester

The man ignored me completely. It made me really sad. I had only been here a few hours and already someone hated me. I was close to crying.

"Err, am I missing something?" asked the girl. She waved her hands. She turned to me. "Hi, I'm Aria. Wanna come for a walk?" I nodded. I looked at the man, hoping that somehow, he would forgive me. He ignored me again. I deserved it. I followed Aria to the door.

"Excuse me, I'll join you if you don't mind" I heard the man say. Aria looked happy about it. The man came over and smiled at me. It looked more friendly, at least. "Hi" he said "I'm Sylvester" I looked up, surprised. I didn't deserve to know who he was. "Hey, what's wrong?!? Oh, right. Sorry" he said. I put my fingers to my face to find that the tears had welled over and were streaking down my cheeks.

"I suppose you want to know what happened" I said quietly. He nodded. I took a deep breath and explained what had happened, why I had screamed and why I was so rude to him sadly. He listened to it all silently.

"Oh... umm... I'm sorry... uhh." he struggled. 

"You don't need to apologise." I told him. There was one of those awkward silences.

"Well..." Aria said, breaking it "I know you two are on sorta bad terms... I think. But are we ever gonna get on this walk?" I laughed that. We went outside. As we reached the forest I mouthed my thanks to Sylvester and smiled at him.

The End

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