Asha: Meeting Jay and Another Welcome

The winged vampire-but-not thing flapped gently over the edge of the balcony. He seemed to be a little shy, judging from the way he peered over the edge. This made me relax a little. I lowered my knife, not wanting to scare him needlessly, but still keeping it ready.

He touched down gently, as I took a step forward, to get a better look.

"Hi..." he said softly, like he didn't want to scare me

I waved back, cautious. I didn't want to scare him either

 He smiled at me, then flew into a window a little while away. "Welcome to the Vampire Mansion! Although, the inhabitance isn't all vampires...."

What is that meant to mean? I guess he isn't vampire then..

'Welcome'... he said 'Welcome'... I've never been welcome anywhere before. I walked back into my room, still exhausted, but my mind buzzing. I took a proper look at the room. It was comfortable enough, and decorated in a dark blue.
Sets off my eyes..I guess I could stay a bit longer. If nothing else, I want to find out more about that winged thing. He seemed ok, and he said I was welcome..

I decided to sign in. I wrote my name next to the number 16 and checked the 'F' box. After going back to my room for a quick nap, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and take a wander around this 'Vampire Mansion'

It was then I bumped into another occupant of this place. He seemed a bit distracted, like he had just had an argument with someone. He was kind of cute though, short blond hair, and unusual red eyes.

I might as well make an effort to be nice for a change, especially if I end up hanging around here for a while.

I smiled, a little shy, and aware of my very intimidating goth look.

"Hey there" I said softly, not quite able to meet his eyes. "Would you mind showing me around? I just got here and I'm a little lost. What is this place?"

He smiled back at me, looking even cuter.

Damn, I've been here five minutes! Get a grip Asha!

"Sure thing," he said kindly, "I'm Jay by the way, Jay Hale"
I smiled, finally glancing up at him "I'm Asha" I replied, still shy, not used to talking to another vampire without being chased, "Just Asha"

"Well, Asha" he said, turning me around to face the massive house "Welcome to Vampire Mansion"

Another welcome, this must be a record

The End

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