Raven: Do I go back or don't I?

It's amazing have relaxing it can be to just sprint through the trees, bouncing from branch to branch. I bit like that faker Edward Cullen from that Twilight film but only with a heck load more grace and style. Oh yeah and sparkling? Puh-lease. If i stepped into the sun i get a tan, just like a mortal, only it hurts like hell. But yeah, there I am not caring about what direction I'm going in just watching the world fly past in a blur of colour then I see the Kid wandering aimlessly in the forest. I stop on the branch and watch him for a bit, he looks like he's lost something from the way he's looking around. I must admit I did find his attempt at trying to prevent me leaving slightly touching but there's only so much of a guy ho seems to have their heads stuck so far up their backsides i can take.

When I'd started to walk into the forest I found the Shark's body, well and truly dead. Score me. So for doubters sake i put five more in his head and then buried his ass for the flowers.  My anger had ebbed after about five minutes of flying through the trees so now i was simply running for runnings sake and also because it still felt too early to stop. But anyway I saw Jay and thought i'd watch him for a bit but after a couple of minutes i thought i'd show myself. Dropping from my tree i cracked a branch and he whirled round to see me,

"Oh its you" he laughed

"Yeah, but what if it hadnt?" I said looking at him over the top of my sun shades, " You know kid, you might be older than me but by looking at ya you aint got no means of defending yourself if you're attacked. Me? Well youth's on  my side so i can peg it from an enemy or i can shoot them."

Jay's face turned pleading, "Please come back to the Mansion"

"Why?" I asked leaning against a tree spinning my gun on a finger, "so Mr. I Know-all-Xian Ju can take another pop at me and so freaky woman can keep insisting that I bit her? Huh no thanks, I'd sooner put a plaque round my neck and walk into a hunter's camp."

Jay tried to keep his face straight, "But what would you do otherwise? I mean, you don't live anywhere do you?"

I sighed, "Home is for mortals, brick and cement shells that can easily be torn down and re-built. No I live for me, I sleep under the stars  and just travel where the hell i please. The only rules i live by are my own and the ones of the country i'm in. Sorry kid, I thought it'd do me good to settle down but obviously i was mistaken. 21st century vampire living is just one pain in the ass after another. But," I kicked myself straight, "I will take you back to the mansion, you've walked a fair way and you certainly wouldn't make back before day break on  your own."

The End

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