Sylvester: New nickname

There was a young blond guy, an older man, and a dark haired girl. The blond one gave me a strange look and, after nodding to the older man, left the mansion. I wonder if I'd offended again - it seemed to happen often.

The dark haired girl, Aria, took my hand with warmth and I cringed inwardly. She said ‘ya’ instead of ‘you’, as if she couldn’t wait to get the next words out of her mouth. It certainly seemed that way, after she blurted out to the guy with the sword that she didn’t trust him. Fair enough really – I don’t trust a soul, dead or alive.

I grunted something in response to her – the enthusiastic handshake put me off any further polite contact. Not to mention I had apparently just earned a new nickname from this girl -‘Mr.Moody’- and let’s say I wasn’t ecstatic about it.

“…Whaddya say we go explore the forest?” She chirped.

I took a small glance over at the man; his hand was resting on his sword, and he was looking pensively into the distance. He appeared to be listening. What for I have no idea – the mansion was silent. “Uh sure,” I shrugged, “Let me just -” I pointed at the register book on the front desk and turned my back on Aria. Just then a small voice interrupted me.

“Uhhh, Hi. I’m Sara.”

I glared over my shoulder and recognised her face – she was the one from the mirror room.

“I owe you an apology…”

Forgiveness is a quality I’m lacking, I should know – I can’t even forgive myself… so I turned back to the book and scribbled my name. Key number 18 appeared and I shoved it hastily in my pocket.

“Err, am I missing something?” Aria looked between the two of us, waving her hands a little bit for emphasis. Seeing she would get no further response from me she turned to Sara. “Hi, I’m Aria. Mr. Moody is being grumpy again. Want to come for a walk?”

Sara nodded. I’d obviously embarrassed her by being so rude. She took another quick mournful look at me before she bowed her head and followed Aria towards the door. Frustrated I closed my eyes and clenched my fists - could I not even be civil? When I opened my eyes the man with the sword was looking straight at me. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with guilt and called after the girls, who had just reached the door. “Excuse me. I’ll join you. If you don’t mind.”

Aria’s face brightened and she bounced a little on the spot. “Alright then!”

I caught them up and did my best to smile at Sara. “Hi, I’m Sylvester.”

The End

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