Sara: Guilty

I opened my eyes to find that I was staring at the ceiling. I must have fallen asleep. I was a bit disoriented. I wondered what had happened. As far as I knew, I'd just screamed my lungs off, that was all. After a while it all came back to me. That girl, me. I shuddered. I remembered Adrian and how she's felt sad. As more came back I remembered the vampire on the stairs. Now I was back to normal, I remembered what I'd said to him and realized that I'd actually been quite rude. I immediately felt an overwhelming guilt. I got up and went to look for him, he deserved an apology. And if anyone deserved to know what happened, he did. I searched the mansion for him, but avoided the stairs completely. I went towards the kitchen and saw a girl and a man outside it. The man was the one that had been on the stairs. I walked forwards a bit, meaning to talk to him. Suddenly I felt very shy. What if he was angry? I knew they couldn't see me.

"Well.Mr Moody, whaddya say we go explore the forest?" the girl said. Damn.If I was ever going to apologise, it would have to be now, while he was here. He might leave tomorrow. I took a deep breath and stepped forwards.

"Uhh, Hi. I'm Sara" I said to them both, and then turned to the man. "I owe you an apology..." I said quietly. I hesitated. The man looked angry.

The End

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