Jay: A Walk and an Argument.

I walked around the mansion, my head clearing quickly. Though it was clearing, it was also whirling. I shook it. I ran into Raven on my walk.

"Oh, hey." I said to him glummly.

"Hey," he said. he looked angry. I noted that he was turned towards the exit.

"Where'r you off to?" I asked,

"I'm leaving." He said simply,

"No! You can't leave! Why are you leaving?"

"That Kyroshiro guy is getting very annoying." He replied,

"That's all?" That wasn't much of a reason to leave.

"Yeah." He sighed.

"What's really on your mind?" I knew he wasn't saying everything.

"You and Mr. I Know Everything seem to think that you can't be wrong. These aren't normal bullets. These can- and do- kill Vampires. None of the Vamps I've killed have gotten up and walked away!"

"Maybe not straight away, but-"

"Look kid, I don't care anymore. I'm leaving." He said.

"Don't" I knew it was a wasted attempt.

The End

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