Tirs: Meetings

As I walked through the snow, I saw that woman. She was a Convert, I could tell. She came forward, and extended a hand to meet mine. She dropped to her knees, knowing that I was a Pureblood. I smiled as she rose, and led me to the house. I wrote my name on the list when we got in, took the key, and went straight to my new room. It was qute small, enough room to move around in, a wardrobe, bed, a chest of draws and a little bathroom off to on side. I opened the raws, to find a night dress. It was pearly pink, and fitted perfectly, showing off my shape. I pulled on a soft fluffy white night robe, and slipped into bed. I laid, thinking of my new friend, Kaiari. I felt my throat burn a little. It had been just about two months without any blood, and I was thirsty. I would find some blood later. But for now, sleep.

The End

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