Aria: Meeting Sylvester

The second I went in the kitchen I couldn't smell the brownies anymore. Not one lil' brownie. But there was something else. It was blood but it wasn't coming from the wine racks. It seemed fresher, warmer. I sniffed around the kitchen for a while, trying to find where it was coming from but eventually gave up.

"I don't trust this place" I said to myself and left the kitchen in time to see Mr Smoky Brown say something to Jay. Jay turned and walked out of the mansion, leaving a puzzled look on my face and the beginnings of a glare in my eyes.

I walked over to Mr Smoky Brown and looked him up and down. "Where's he off to?" I asked.

"Just for a walk, to clear his head".

"Hm. What's your name again?"


"I don't trust you" I said, my glare finally taking form.

My hand flew to my mouth and a little squeak escaped from my lips. I'd done the whole "speaking without thinking" thang again. I babbled an apology and turned to face the desk. Waiting to be collected was a room key. I'm guessing that's mine since I don't remember actually ever taking mine.

"Hi, I'm Sylvester" a guy said.

I looked up and there stood a black haired vampire with grey eyes. He had his hand stuck out in front of him awkwardly, like he was waiting for someone to do something with it. Oh, he was waiting for a handshake.

"Haha, like the cat" I said with a smile, and shook his hand, "I'm Aria. Pleased to meet ya".

 "Uh, hi" he said a little harshly and I frowned.

"Well, Mr Moody, whaddya say we go explore the forest?"

The End

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