Raven: Can life get any worse?

Kyoshiro? If I hear that name again I swear I will beat the sod who says it to a pulp. After he somehow manages to make me doubt myself and look a complete twat in front of other people I finally storm to my room and lock the door. No beggar is getting in. Am I sure that the people I've shot have truly been dead. Er, yeah actually. I only have a body count of five with the gun and none of them have walked away after I gave them a lead meal. Head shot or heart shot it made no difference, once they were down that was where they stayed. I know for sure cos I buried the B*******.

Pacing the width of my room I try to vent out my frustration as much as I can without having to kill, maim or destroy someone/thing. However verbal ranting and continuous vows of slow and painful deaths upon the person only help so far that unfortunately where Kyoshiro is involved its nowhere near enough. Unsatisfied my anger wont hold and that some poor innocent person will undoubtedly bear the brunt of my anger I pull on my coat, unlock my door and leave the mansion vanishing into the gathering night.

The End

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