Asha: Waking up, I Wish I Had Stayed Knocked Out

Asha: Waking Up, I Wish I Had Stayed Knocked Out

When I cracked my eyes open, my leg was on fire. Something was biting into my ankle with an iciness which was searing in its intensity. Even my blood was burning. My head pounded with each heartbeat, and my body felt so cold everything burned. My head spinning, I rolled onto my front, groaning, and propped myself up on my elbow. I recognised the headache as the result of a hangover, but the burning. And my leg! I had never felt such an intense cold, or such pain. I took a deep breath, and looked down. I saw the silver rope and groaned again. It must be blessed silver. I don't get knocked out by normal silver (that's a wolf thing, apparently) but anything blessed really will take me out. I guess I'm allergic or something, but it's really painful for me to be near anything holy or blessed for too long, and it poisons me if I'm forced to eat/drink it. (Once a vampire hunter force-fed me holy wasn't pretty. I escaped with some help, but nearly died from the water. I still don't know how I survived) Anyhow, I was now in a bit of a mess, since the sliver meant I couldn't get up and run, and there was still the matter of the ‘boys' who probably set me up. I didn't really want to hang around to meet anyone who made a habit of setting blessed traps. They probably wouldn't like me too much. The only good thing was that I was in the forest still and they had left my stuff with me. I was on the floor by the edge of some kind of camp. I could smell humans all around the area, and I saw some packs lying nearby. I was still aching all over. I had to get this silver off me before some serious damage set in. I couldn't see or hear anyone, but in my current, hung over and ill state, I wasn't much better off than the humans. I reached down to my waist, where I had secured my knife, and with some difficulty, cut the rope away from my leg. As the last of it fell away, I felt instantly better, the burning disappeared altogether. I was free to leave, and I did as fast as I could. Unfortunately, that wasn't fast enough. Three vampire hunters appeared on the far side of the camp. I cursed. Typical. They couldn't have waited two minutes-you know, after I had left. I wasn't going to be able to fight them. I turned 180 and fled. Sometimes, pride deserved to take a beating. Luckily, since I was used to running, I managed to outrun the humans, who eventually gave up chasing me when I lost them. I kept running, just in case.

After a while, I sensed a large building approaching. Soon enough, it loomed ahead, silhouetted against the sunset. I could sense vampires all round this place, it was weird. I didn't like it, but I needed somewhere to shelter, and heal up. I would just have to avoid everyone for a night. Over the door, Vampire Mansion was written in a bunch of different languages. Things were getting weirder. I slipped in the door, keeping as quiet as possible. I could hear a bunch of people around the house, but this room seemed to be empty fo now. There was a red book on the desk, which I cautiously approached. I could hear someone screaming upstairs, which was not a good sign. In the book, there were a load of names.

I don't think I'll be staying longer than a night, no one will notice if I borrow a room, I won't bother signing it.

I took a key from behind the desk, looking around the whole time. I just needed to get to my room, then I would be ok. I ran silently past rooms, luckily, no one was about. I could hear voices coming from a couple of them, making me run faster. When I reached my room, I locked the door before dumping my things.
Thank god, there's a window. And a shower!  

I showered quickly, and collapsed into a shallow sleep, my body aching all over. If anyone knocked, I would be out of there before they got in. Hopefully.

I had just shut my eyes when I heard a thud on the balcony.

What the...?
I lept out of bed, and stood with my knife ready to face whatever there was. Through the curtains, I could see what looked like a vampire with wings.

What is that thing?

The End

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