Sara: Daze

"Are you OK?" a voice said from behind me. I was too scared that it didn't even make me jump.I turned too see Adrian looking worried at the door of the room.

"Yeah, I guess" I said. She started speaking to me, but I wasn't really listening. Just answering when I needed to. I was still in shock. She told me about how she thought the boys were blockheads. And how she was once in love with a human, who she killed. That made me remember Todd. I wondered where he was, that was a bad idea, it made me sad. Adrian looked sad too. She asked me if I was OK again but I just nodded.I didn't trust myself to speak. She went back downstairs, to her room I supposed. I waited a while before I realized that I should probably go downstairs and tell everyone I was OK, if Adrian heard me, everyone else must have. I looked at the mirror again. The reflection was me, as I was now. I would have screamed again but I was still too dazed.  went downstairs slowly, not really looking where I was going. And nearly smacked into a male vampire who was running up the stairs. I turned around to say sorry.

"Hey, did you just scream?" he asked.

"Umm... I'm not sure. Yes, yeah, I did" I said blankly

"Why?Are you OK?" asked the vampire. He looked worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I suppose" I said.

"Really? You don't look it" he said.

"I'm fine" I snapped, and then I said "I'm sorry, I'm just shocked... I suppose" he nodded. 

"What happened?"

"Oh, I'll tell you later... maybe... when I feel a bit better" I said. he nodded again. I started down the stairs again. I don't know whether he followed me as I walked slowly to my room, still shocked. I sat on my bed and stared down at the floor. I didn't have any feelings. I just wondered why I'd seen that girl, why I'd seen me as a human that first time I looked in the mirror. I remembered the vampire on the stairs, and realized I hadn't asked his name.

The End

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