Sylvester: Semi-introduction

‘Sylvester, how have you ended up here?’ I mutter to myself as I sprint through the forest. It still seems extraordinary to me that I’m alive… or, rather, dead. I’m too old to count, and I’m still running from these hunters like there’s no tomorrow. In anyone else’s eyes I’m a brooding 21 year old who’s not worth approaching. Although, really, I shouldn’t mind. Running is the only thing that stops me from thinking of her… temporarily, obviously. I laugh coarsely to myself, and as I hear my own vulgar laugh the guilt and shame set in again. I sprint faster, whipping myself on stray branches, the cuts healing themselves within seconds. Suddenly I trip over a hidden rock and pitch face first into a clearing covered in newly fallen snow. Propping myself up on my elbows I can see a huge mansion, and people, or should I say, vampires – are they… having a snowball fight?

Cautiously I creep along the edge of the clearing, sniffing the air. There are definitely vampires here. I’ve never been a people person; I can’t allow myself to have contact with anyone, not since… A crack in the distance sounds – the hunters are catching up. In the forest I was in danger of being caught, but with my black hair and clothes I was camouflaged. In the clearing I would be endangering the lives of yet more people… Then something makes up my mind for me. There’s a scream from inside the mansion and everyone seems frozen in time as they gaze up at the towers of the house, arms poised for a snowball attack and victims ducking in defence. I dash into the clearing and pass the other vampires. I don’t sign in, or get a room key; I just head straight for the stairs.

The End

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