Sara: Reflection

"Come in?" I said again. No answer. I sighed and opened the door. There was no-one there. Ha ha. Very funny. Knock and run. I thought. I decided to explore the mansion. I walked along the corridor and came to a set of stairs, I went up them. At the top were two doors and then the thin corridor turned a corner. I chose the second door and gave it a shove. I thought it was gonna be a ball room or something, but when the large door opened it revealed a small room. There was a girl standing in the middle. "Oh, er, Hi" I said. Her lips moved exactly as mine did. This shocked me a little as no sound came out of her. I studied her. She looked a exactly like me, but darker and just a tiny bit less pretty. I tried talking to her again. "Hi, I'm Sara" I said. Again her lips moved as mine did but no sound came out. I went in, she walked forwards at exactly the same time I did. Then I noticed that she was wearing different clothes to me. But the different clothes were what I had been wearing the night I was changed. I wondered who she was, but I knew I was never going to find out. I held out my hand so she could shake it. She did the same. I then noticed that she was standing in exactly the same position as me. I put my hand down. So did she. 

Then I realized. This was me. In human form. Before I was changed.

I screamed.

The End

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