Aria: Introduction

Why did it have to snow? I hate snow. I’m from a warm State, I can’t deal with the cold. Cold’s nasty. But here was the snow and there was me, walking on my hands with my feet holding my hair outta’ the way. I’d been smelling vampire for the past mile and there was a vampire hunter pretty much everywhere. They were ignorin’ me though. How rude. I’d tried to grab their attention a few times before and it just was not workin’. I frowned, a rare expression for me, and headed towards the vampire smell.

There in front of me was a mansion. Back when I was in the circus we’d played some shows in places like this. They always ended badly. There was a plaque which read “Vampire Mansion” in several languages.

“That would explain the vampire smell” I said to myself as I checked the mansion’s exterior.

Now, I’m not a big fan of doors and there were plenty of balconies that I could climb up to. But only one had an open door. I might be a contortionist but I am not a lock picker. I climbed up to the balcony and slipped through the door. The room was empty which was quite handy. There’s nothing worse than jumping into someone’s room when they’re in there. I’ve had a lot of things thrown at for doing that. Anyway, back to the point. I walked out of the room and down to what seemed to be a welcoming area. There was a fancy hotel desk with a red guestbook on it. There were a hell of a lotta names in it already so I figured one more wouldn’t hurt. Besides, guestbook’s are nice. Especially the ones you can write stuff in ‘cause other folks can read what was written ages ago. I like stuff like that. It’s cute. I signed my name and glared at the gender box.

“Now that’s just rude. It’s easy enough to work out people’s genders, right? Adrian? Well, I guess it’s kinda helpful now” I said to myself again and ticked the F box before realizing I wasn’t alone.

I turned round and faced three vampires; one with red-streaked black hair, one with blonde hair and one with smoky brown hair. They were all lookin’ at me like a was a little bit mad. Which I probably am but oh well, what do you do? I figured now was probably the time to introduce myself to them so over I cartwheeled and gave them my nicest smile.

“I’m Aria, pleased to meet y’all”.

“Raven” the black-haired on said.

“Jay” the blonde said.

Mr. Smokey Brown didn’t seem to wanna say much. That’s a lie. For all I know he could have said something but I lost interest in names. I lose interest in things pretty quickly actually.

“Wow, you’re cute,” I said to the one called Jay, “Now, why can I smell brownies?” I asked no one in particular and cartwheeled off to the kitchen, the bells on my wrist jingling as I went.

“Well that was weird” I heard Raven say as I slipped through the door.

The End

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