Kyoshiro: I hate it when...

As Raven, Jay and I went to the stop where they supposedly dumped the body of the supposedly dead vampire I noticed that one thing was missing.

"There's no vampire here!"

Raven was quite startled, and Jay was very fearful and began to look around in, trying to peer into the shadows to see some unknown attacker. Then, Raven spoke.

"But, it's always worked."

I looked at him.

"Or maybe, you just didn't stick around long enough to see, what I know is that there is no vampire here, living or dead."

Jay then started inching his way toward me.

"That sword can kill vampires right?"

I looked at him with a sense of disbelief.

"Yes, it was forged long ago, and is arguably one of the greatest swords known to man or vampire. I have killed many vampires with it in my three thousand odd years."

He inched even closer to me. I sighed. Then, Raven looked at me.

"Could we track them and kill them?"

I shook my head.

"Probably, but I wouldn't with all the vampire hunters about."

We all agreed to go back to the mansion and we did, but we still got hit with a few snowballs.

The End

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