Asha: Introductions

If you asked me how old I was, I couldnt tell you. Since I was made a vampire, I stopped counting the years. It just ended up becoming depressing. I am frozen at 18. Not a bad age to be stuck at when you think about it. At least I never have to worry about wrinkles or grey hairs. And I will always keep my figure. And I will never have to worry about being single. Thats always useful when you're feeling a bit peckish.

I'm not the easiest person to get on with. I'm fairly bad-tempered unless I am flirting. I lost a lot of people, so no one really gets close. My only love is rock music. I spend a lot of time fighting and despite my slender limbs, I do a lot of damage. I'm a lot faster and a lot stronger than a human, and most vampires too. Like I said, I spend a lot of time fighting. A big mouth and general unpopularity-not to mention the worst luck in the world-will create that problem, beautiful lady or not.

 I'm not too bad to look at. I apparently have the 'perfect' hourglass figure, black hair that tumbles down and ends up midway to my waist. Bright blue eyes, my best feature. And of course the obligatory pale, flawless skin which all vampires share-as far as I can tell anyhow. I can't say I spend a lot of time with vampires anymore. Normally they are trying to kill me, so I steer clear. Apparently killing other vampires (even by accident) is not welcomed. In my defence, they started it and I had just turned. I didn't know my own strength. When vampires find out about this, they generally try to kill me or make my life hell then try to kill me. Either way, I end up fighting. Needless to say, I have killed more vampires, just to stay alive. I bet I'm not the only one either. Most of this bunch are so up themselves! If they relaxed and forgave a little they might not have such a problem. Plus, it would be nice if they explained why its so bad to kill those guys but ok to kill me...

That would explain why I am currently hanging around in dingy and dodgey London clubs, trying to pick up creepy, desperate men and get a bite to eat. Constantly being on the run does give you an appetite, although some of the men in my local tonight are so desperate, it would make me queasy. If I could get queasy from anything anymore. Except maybe blood poisoning.

Looking around, to humans I guess it would be hard to see most of the club. Unfortuately my heightened senses pick up the dirt in the corners, and the faint smell of sweat and urine that seems to be everywhere in London. I was just greatful for the good-quality rock that was coming from the speakers. It was distracting, and stopped my fourth vodka and coke going to my head. I needed to eat, and soon. Another vampire would be able to see that my fangs were coming out. I could smell the people around me. I selected my dish and met his eyes. He extracted himself from a pair of dancers and walked over. A couple of drinks later, we left and I finally got to eat. One more creepy, perverted objectifier of women off the streets. After cleaning up, I went walking again. It was about 2 am and I was bored. Again. I had held this patch for about 10 years or so and people were starting to recognise me and the fact I hadn't aged a bit. It was time to move on. A shame really, I had enjoyed my time in London town, but I needed a change of scenery. Maybe a wood? Up Scotland way maybe.. Nice, clean air, space, peace. Food might be a problem but I could always make a run into a city if it got to be too much of a problem. I took a small bag, with a change of clothes and slipped a knife under my jacket. You couldn't be too careful with hunters around. I locked the door, leaving the keys under on the doorman's desk, with some cash to cover rent. I left nothing to show I had been there, and no way to find me. Unless a vampire came sniffing around. I would just have to hope I was long gone before someone came after my turf. That gave me all of five minutes then.

I had just turned the corner when a sharp scent came to my attention. It smelt like ice. Whipping around, I saw the pale glow of a face upwind, about a block away. I could make out the sharp eyes and white skin of a familiar face. Another vampire, and one that had made it clear he wanted my turf. I cursed, quietly and tried to think. I knew he would have seen me, and I had the choice of running or waiting to see what he wanted. Since my pride never let me walk away from a fight, I leaned against the wall, making sure my knife was hidden from his veiw, and keeping my eye on the vampire approaching me.

It was like a flipping flashback. A street like this, years ago, and a pale, sexy man walking towards me, smiling. Although I was a lot more naive in those days. I thought he wanted me for my body... turns out it was just my blood. I still don't know his name, but I never forgot his face. I hung around the city for years after, trying to find him. To make him pay. I lost so many people, and I watched them greive for me. The injustice of it all still made a bubble of acid form in my chest.

'Asha, what a pleasant suprise' the drawl wrenched me back to the present.
'Morning Lee' I replied neutrally, not moving from the wall.

'To what do I owe this pleasure?' he said, smirking.

I raised an eyebrow 'Thats my line, this is my turf, as you so conveniently forget'

He smirked again. Damn, this guy was winding me up when I was already in a bad mood. I resisted the urge to growl at him.

'Of course, I didn't mean to be so rude. I merely intended to be neighbourly.'

I resisted the temptation to say something smart-alec back with some difficulty. Instead I flicked my hair back, and fixed him in my sights.

'Is there anything you wanted Lee?' I said lightly, not lowering my gaze.

He didn't smile this time but I sensed he wanted to.

'Just inquiring into your health, as every good neighbour does.'

'Really Lee? Because it looks like your picking a territory fight again. Going for three a month are you?'

Ok, I admit it, I was slightly drunk, in a bad mood and I really didn't like this guy. He reminded me of every slimy pencil-pusher rolled into one.

He smiled, whilst his eye remained cold chips of green.

'I wouldnt dream of challenging you' he said, and walked off.

'Only because you know you would loose' I muttered loud enough for him to hear, still against the wall, fiddling with my nails.

He whipped around, already a block away. Seconds later, I knocked his hand from my throat. I grinned.

'Now now, that not very nice Lee' I said, mocking him. 'Play nice.'

He snarled a stream of profanity and lunged at me again. I stepped to one side and knocked him to the ground. He landed heavily, and before he could move, I had him pinned.

'Now make like MJ and beat it, mister' I said in a low, even tone. ' If I see you again, I will kill you.'  I got off him and watched as he picked himself up again. He stood for a moment, glaring at me.

'Scat' I said, already bored.

He turned and beat an undignified retreat.

'@$$h0l£' I muttered, this time so he couldn't hear. I couldn't be bothered to fight wimps like Lee, especially when I had places to go and the chances were, there would be a real fight sooner or later. Vampires are territorial, or so I had learnt. After Lee had gone, I shouldered my bag again, and walked out of London. Even now, its still possible to travel without roads, and since I don't sleep, even during the day, I could walk, or run, as much as I wanted. Once I felt the cool air of the forest wash over me, I allowed myself to smile and relax.

It was then I felt the bite of a silvered rope yank me into the air by my ankle. The last thing I heard was an arrogant voice proclaiming,

'Well, well, boys. Would you look at that?'

Then everything went black.

The End

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