Kaiari: Royalty

I walked round the back of the house, and stared into the blizzard. A figure appeared.

It was a young girl. She looked to be about fifteen. She had long, white gold curls, pale skin, and blood red lips. As she came closer, her amethyst purple eyes glowed from behind the snow. She walked slowly, gracefully closer. She wore a long, plain white dress. As she stepped forward, her bare feet were shown. She stopped a few metres away from me. I noticed now a ring of silver leaves sat on her head. She smiled gently, and gave a small curtsey. I stepped forward. She offered out her hand. I took it, then fell to my knees. This girl was no doubt a vampire, but I could feel her aging every second, and her skin was slightly warm. I had dropped to my knees, for this was a pureblood. The royalty on the vampire race.

I stood, and looked into the girl's eyes. "May I take refuge here tonight?" She asked. Her voice was like wter bubbling from a silver jar. She laughed at my startled expression, her laugh a tinkling of bells. I started to lead her to the front of the house.

"I am Tirs. I am the eldest pureblood daughter of Bailes, lord of the vampires. What is your name?" she asked me. I told her my name. We reached the front of the house, and everyone was still snowball fighting. Tirs giggled. Matthew and Ana landed near me. They looked confused at Tirs. "Get Ema." I told them. They came back a few minutes later, followed by Ema. She seemed stunnned by Tirs. "Pureblood princess." I told her. I led Tirs into the mansion, avoiding snowballs. 

"Do you have anything to drink?" she asked me. I offered her my wrist. She took my hand, and bit lightly into my palm. She took a few gulps, then I healed my own hand. I remembered something I had been taught. "Tirs, what are your powers?" I asked softly. She smiled, wiping away some blood with a napkin. She touched a drop of blood, and I watched it transform before my eyes into a tiny white bird. It fluttered away. Then, Tirs placed both hands over her heart, and l0ng white wing unfolded from nowhere. She folded them away again by touching her heart again, and smiled softly. She took the pen on the desk, and wrote her name onto the list. She took a key, and smiled softly. She put her hands up to her neck, and undid the necklace there. It was a red teardrop on a silver chain. She fastened it round my neck, and smiled. She climbed the stairs, and entered her room.

The End

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