I hate you!

I was conversing with Jay in the foyer of the building making sure the little tyke was alright, well I call him little in the sense he was shorter than me. From what i could gather the kid was fine just a little shell shocked at the fact I'd put a slug in the Loan Shark's head. Of course the question came up of  can a gun kill vampires? and all i did was point at the corpse in the garden.

"He looks very dead to me, besides these arent human bullets."

Jay seemed to take my explaination without much worry and was quite happy to talk about something else, probably just relieved his skin wasn't hanging from the ceiling. And i was happy listening to his ramblings when suddenly another vampire turns up and starts acting like they own the goddamn place. Its the one who looks like they missed the last bus back to oriental china. When he says gunshots dont kill vampire in lost it.

"Gunshots don't kill? Take a look out there twit face... see that ass lying still on the ground. He has a bullet right between the eyes so he's very much dead as would anything be if you shot it there. Now if you don't leave me alone i'll prove how real it is by putting a slug there myself"

And meaning business i reached into my jacket for my gun. The only vampires i'd left alive were the Shark's goons because they only worked for the money he paid he was the real problem and had been the one threatening Jay hence why he was the only dead one.

The End

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