Kyoshiro: Time to wake up.

Snowballs, a gunshot, loan sharks, a man name Jay.

I woke up, and was instantly ready to face what was comming at me, which was nothing. I rolled out of the covers and stood up, I suddenly remember that I had fallen asleep with my clothes on. Odd. Then, I noticed that my sword was not at my hip.

I looked about the room and saw it balanced against a corner. I shruged walked toward it, picked it up, and put it on. I like my sword, the final reminder of my life in ancient china.

I wonder about the dream I had, usually it's about what's happening, but guns don't kill vampires. I stepped out of the room and looked around, there were two vampires conversing in the foyer. I walked down the stairs towards them.

"Hello, is your name Jay?"

The man who I asked looked at me eerily.

"Yes, but how did-"

"Is your name Raven?"

The other man also looked at me odd.

"Yes, but-"

"Which of you shot the vampire? Was it you?"

I pointed at Raven, and he nodded.

"Yes, I did, but how do you know all this."

I was suddenly confused.

"But, gunshots don't kill vampires!"

Both of the men look at eachother then back at me. Then Jay pipes up.

"We're missing some information, how do you know this all happened."

"Long story short, I dreamt it.  It's a skill I learnt some years ago." Then, I really started looking at Jay. "Don't I know you from somewhere, like 2000 years ago or something?"

Then both Jay and Raven looked startled. And Raven spoke.

"You were here 2000 years ago too?"

I looked at Raven.

"Kid, I have been on this earth for a maximum time of 3,660 years, and 29 of those years were human." Both of there eyes widened. But, I needed to know. "About those vampires that you two unsuccessfully attempted to kill, where are they, my sword can slay."

The End

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