Right place Right time

Finally the screeching in my ears had stopped, just short of driving me incurably mad. But after going through what felt like half a packet of cigarettes I decided to go back into the mansion just avoiding little Miss Scream-a-lot. Any how I briefly checked on the majority of the group who seemed quite content with beating each other to a pulp in the snow, laughed and walked back round to the front of the house when I heard Jay's voice in my head, "help!....Go away!"

Instinctively I thought hunters had found our little haven but as I approached the house i couldn't smell human anywhere. Only Vampire.  Then i saw them. All of them over 6 foot tall and all meaning business gathered in a group around Jay. They spoke too low for me to eavesdrop so i don't know what they were saying but whatever it was certainly got Jay losing all blood from his face. Not able to watch a fellow vampire being tortured I strode into the middle of the group,

"Evening lads. Nice evening for a sarnie outside isn't it?" I said jovially and before any of them could react i had floored three of them and got ready to take on the one getting ready to pound Jay's face in.

"You might want to lower that fist of yours" 

He looked at me and laughed, "You cant do anything. You're too weak to take me on. Besides, these are private matters."

I looked at him calmly, " I wont tell you again, lower your fist and move on"

In a flash his hand went for his jacket and pulled out a gun but it got no further then that. There was a single gunshot which ripped through the woods like thunder sending the roosting birds screaming in terror. I looked down the barrel of my own gun at the man who now had blood spreading darkly through the black jacket,

"I warned you" I said. All he did was gurgle a bit then fall into the snow. I put my gun away and quickly went inside.

The End

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