Jay: Introductions.

People had been getting very friendly around Vampire Mansion. I didn't think that I could ever live like this. But I could never escape my past. I was in my room, sitting there, reading, when it happened.

"Jay!" Someone whispered from outside the window. I could only hear it because I was a Vampire. Whoever was out there must've known what I was. I glided towards the window, but no one was out there. I shrugged,

"Must've been imagining things." I saif to myself. I finished the book, and went downstairs. There were three knocks on the door, just as I passed it to go into the kitchen. I opened it, and was horrified at who was there. The Master of the Loan Sharks.

"Crap," I said, "get away from me!" I shouted. Hopefuly some other Vampires might come to help.

The End

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