Adrian: Screw it!

After meeting Sara, and a few other vampires, I went upstairs to my room feeling oddly down. Everyone is falling in love around the Mansion, Liam has fallen for Ema, even if she doesn't know it, and there are just too many people to list...but like half the house is matched up. There are few more guys now in the house...but a lot of them are so young...whatever. I sighed, jumping into the shower.

        After being on the run for 8 years it felt really weird wearing make-up, let alone a skirt. My hair was half pulled up, the rest hanging down in long, little wavey curls, my hair was actually out of my face, my bangs no longer hid most of my eyes. I managed to find a skirt, a silver denim skirt, and a long sleeved skin tight black shirt that was kind of like a cardigan, but was sewn to look tied up in the front, with a dark red shirt under it.  I don't know why I like brings out the color in my hair, the color of my skin, and brightens my eyes. All together I thought I looked pretty cute. Oh! Not to mention I was in high heels!! Black, strappy, 2 inch heels.

Checking my eye-liner once more in the mirror I walked downstairs to the living room of the mansion. Most people were inside now...but I could hear Liam's laughter coming from outside followed by a females high squeel. I rolled my eyes, Liam's flirting.

     Midnight, Narcissa, some vampire named Jay, Mathew and Ana all looked at me funny.

"What?" I said now feeling self conscious.

The End

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