Shiney: Spying

After James left, I followed behind. I followed him upstairs, and waited as he talked to Narcissa and another vampire. After he went to his room, I knocked on the door to the room he had been in.

Someone sighed, then said, "Come in." I opened the door and walked in. Narcissa was laying on the bed, moaning into a pillow.

"Adrian, Shiney, leave. I've had enough company!" she said. Sitting up, I saw her face was bright red. Like a strawberry. I told her so, which only made her go redder. Adrian stopped beside me on her way to the door.

"Stay. And later, tell me what she says." Adrian said, winking. I frowned, wondering what she was talking about. I sat on the other end of the bed, still frowning.

"What is it, Narcissa? I've only known you for a while, but I don't believe this is the type of thing you usualy do." I gestured to the box-room, and then to her.

"I'm not telling you!" she nearly screamed. "It's embarrasing!"  Only with much effort was I able to restrain a similar reply.

"What is it?" I said in a frigid tone, making her sit up, and all of the strawberry colour drain from her face. She gulped, and stared into my eyes that were turning hazel from their previous green.

I said again, "Narcissa, tell me for goodness sake!"

The End

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