Jay: Feeding.

I'd been in the mansion for long enough for me to get quite hungry. I had to eat some time. I didn't like the idea of leaving the safety of the mansion at all, no matter how long, but I had to feed. I was ready, and I knew exactly what I knew exactly what I was going to do. I would lure a girl into a dark alley, and feed. Not enough to kill her; I would never really kill someone, but enough to quench my thirst. I was worried as I took my first step out of the Vampire Mansion. It was okay when I was at a bar, leaning casually against a wall. A drunk girl, who was obviously under-age, staggered toward me. She had brown hair, long eye lashes, piercing blue eyes, and looked about my age- my human age-. She smiled,

"Hey," She said, her speech slurred. I smiled.

"Follow me," I muttered, and dissapeared into the darkness. She did as I said, and I found myself out in a dark alley-way round the back of the bar. She walked toward me, still smiling, one of her eyes half closed.

"You shouldn't be drinking at such a young age. It's dangerous." I warned her. She shrugged,

"What you gonna do about it?" She challenged. I smiled,

"Nothing; I was just saying." She didn't have time to react. I ran toward her with vampire speed, tackling her to the ground.

"Wha-" I made a hole in her neck. She would survive. I didn't like having to hurt humans. Her blood was sweet. I lifted her into my arms, and carried her away, running at vampire speed. I got to a hospital, and brought her in.

"Someone stabbed my friend!" I shouted to the doctors and nurses.

"Oh God," They said when they saw the girl. They got her to a bed and told me to go to the waiting room, and wait for policemen to come to talk to me. I left to get back to Vampire Mansion as soon as I could after the interrogation, and all of the other things I had to go through.

The End

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