I pushed myself off in the boat, and zoomed across the lake, towards the castle. It stopped, and I leaped off. I ran through the roomms, then spotted movement. "Ah, my beautiful sister. Bonjour. It s nice of you to come for me. Merci." she said softly, sliding down from the mantle. She always loved to speak in French, and she had an accent.

"You know why I'm here." I growled. Her laugh tinkled. She was suddenly next to me. Crap. I remembered she had incredible speed. The necklace glinted in the moonlight. I transformed back to my human form. The same necklace glinted round my neck. I yanked it, and threw it across the room. She did the same. "You shall become my sister again, Yuuki." I said softly. Her laugh becme harsh now.

"Ha! When I took your little sister's body, you liked me. Because I was so similar, and yet so different." she whispered. I charged towards her necklae that she had thrown. She snarled. The moon glinted, and her eyes became red. The truth was that my sister's nme was Yuuki, the gentle princess, until Luna took her over. Now, if I didn't destory both necklaces, then I would be doomed. And so would Yuuki. I grabbed hers, and she grabbed mine. I dipped it into my pocket, and we came to blows. Half way through, Luna threw Yuuki's body away, using her own. She was compleatly white, with black eyes and nails. She ws terrifying. She cam forward again, grinning like a chesher cat. I glanced sideways, and diver to Yuuki's body. I pryed the necklce from her fngers, and ran.

Luna chased me to the main hall, where  pointed shards of crystal laid. I swund both necklaces, and brought them down hard on the floor, smashing them. "NO!" screamed Luna, dissapearing into nothing. I ran, and found Yuuki. I gulped, picked her up, and ran, out of the castle and away. I left her in a hotel room, and left.

I went back, almost getting caught by a vicious looking man. I ran in, and found a snowball fight. I grinned. "I'M BORN TO BE WIIIIIILD!!" I shouted, and threw a snowball. Someone screamed, and I found myself being almost knocked over my Matthew and Ana. They both hugged me, and laughed. "DUCK!!" I yelled. Ana and I ducked, but Matthew said 'quack, just before being hit by a snowball in the side of the head.

The End

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