Jay: Catatonic.

My earlier life had been hard for me. I'd been thinking about it a lot since I'd entered the Vampire Mansion. It was cold when it happened; it was snowing heavily. I had just woken up to find a blanket of white covering the green grass which was the usual scene that I saw every morning. It hadn't snowed in months. The day was boring. I didn't do much. But at night, the snow was floating down to the floor, light as a feather. I went out to see my mother in her tent, but I found her dead, her eyes glossed over, and a dent in her neck the shape of teeth.

"Oh no," I muttered, before tears fell from my eyes. I whirled around to find a figure moving towards me. It was a man. He sneered at me, and then dissapeared. I tried to see where he had gone, but he was no where to be found. Suddenly, someone tapped on my shoulder,

"Gah!" I gasped as I turned around to find the man staring at me, his eyes- including the sclera- were black. That was the last thing that my eyes saw. An unbelievable pain took over me, as I felt my body go into unconsciousness. I was catatonic for weeks, unable to move. When I recovered, I tried to run away, knowing about the legends of Vampire speed and strength, I was scared that he would catch me. I ran anyway, but I decided that my family and my friends needed me.

The End

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