Sara: My Room and a Shower

After a while, the snowball fight was getting to rough and too loud, nobody would notice if I went away. So I did. I went back inside and opened the red notebook. Imira, Midnight, Narcissa, Ana, Ema, Raven, Kaiari, Adrian, Liam, Matthew, Jay Hale, Shiney, James, Kyoshiro. I sighed. All so much more interesting than my name. And so many I hadn't even met yet! i decided to look for my room first. On the way I caught a strong whiff of vampire. i knocked on the door of the room it came from, someone opened it. 

"Oh, err. Hi. I don't think I've met you before, I'm new. Oh, and my name's Sara by the way" 

"Well Hi. I'm Adrian. Narcissa in there's kinda embarrassed. So..." she hesitated, trying not to be rude, I think.

"That's OK, I was going to look for my room anyway... and have a shower. Nice meeting you, you too Narcissa" I said. I left the room and made my way to the door with a '14' on it. I unlocked the door and went inside. it was pretty boring: it had a bed, with a blue duvet. But it looked  rock solid. A dressing table, also blue, and a bedside table, white with a purple lamp on it. Great I thought it hasn't even got a window. 

There was a door in the room so I went through it. It was a bathroom. it had a shower and a sink. On the sink was a toothbrush and a hairbrush. In the shower was one of those scrubby things, some shower gel, and some shampoo. I undressed and got in the shower. I washed myself and my hair. I noticed that there wasn't any conditioner. oh well. I dragged the brush through my hair until there were no knots whatsoever. as I was rinsing my hair, I noticed a white silk bathrobe on the door. I got out of the shower and put it on. then I realized that I hadn't got any other clothes to wear except the ones I'd been in for the past eight years. I sighed, you cant have everything. I went to the dressing table. there was a white headband, I put it on. I looked in the drawers out of curiosity and guess what?? They were full of clothes! i put on a pair of purple pyjamas and went to brush my teeth.

I felt surprisingly lighter after I'd had a wash, I began to wonder how much all that dirt had weighed. I sat on the bed, it was more comfortable than I thought. I was about to check for anything in the bedside table when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I said.

The End

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