Liam: Can I talk to you?

Ana and Mathew flew through the on-going snow ball fight, and Ana was giggling like crazy. Ema was walking next to me, looking at her sister, a small smile on her face.

"You sister looks happy with him." I said just loud enough so she could hear.

Ema straightened her shoulders uncomfortably, "Yeah she is. I think he really loves her, even if I don't like him." she smiled at me briefly.

She is even more gorgeous when she smiles.....I thought, trying not to stare at her.

"Um," I muttered awkwardly, and Ema looked over at me again, her hair falling into her face, and filling with snowflakes. "Do you think I can possibly talk to you when we get back to the Mansion?"

She smiled, "Yeah sure Liam."

"In private I mean?" I said shyly.

Her smile dropped a little, but returned. "Of course."

The End

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