James: Peace and Quiet

As more and more vampires joined the fight, I quietly slipped away. Shiney was still engaged in defeating the enemy. I went inside and up the stairs. A little nap would do me good. At the top of the stairs, I heard Narcissa in her room, moving around, maybe pacing? Another vampire was also with her, one I hadn't met yet.

I knocked on the door. "It's James, who haven't I met yet?" The door flew open, and a girl stood there, about the same age as Imira. Towering over me, she smiled. Narcissa sat on her bed, her face beet red.

"Adrian, and please don't tease me. I am a girl." she said, still smiling.

"Well, um, hello Adrian." I said. "I just wanted to know who was here." Peering past her, I looked again at Narcissa, who had buried her head in a thick, down pillow. However, I could see the back of her neck, which was like a flame.

"Adrian, I've had enough of it for one day. Please?" she asked.

"Um, I'm going now." I said. I went to my room to sleep. I lay down, but I was thinking that maybe I should grab a bite to eat first. Sitting on my bed later, I scarfed down a bowl of strawberries and a juice box.

I fell asleep almost immediately afterwards, and my dreams all played out, dancing confusingly and dizzyingly behind my eyes.

The End

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