Raven: WTH!

Being a vampire we tend to usually be a bit more of a permanent feature than normal people, unless of course a lucky hunter sneaks up behind you and shoves a garlic in your mouth. But then that would kill most things. So being as we are we pick things up and recently I'd gotten into watching films and its fun to see how sometimes you will see one person attack another simply by screaming at them and you watch some poor sod and anything that isnt tied to the floor around him zip from one side of the screen to another probably never to be seen again cos he's tied up in a tree. But anyway I always thought that that was some bit of Hollywood magic, oh how wrong I was.

So everything in the mansion is in complete and utter chaos and there is a myriad of people/creatures coming out of the wood work. Blink and theres another three names in the book. So anyway I find myself desperately trying to find some way of escaping the mass of confusion and walk into what I think is an empty room. Only it isnt. Looking up I see the girl introduced to me as Imira when I arrived and who since then has done everything physically possible, short of leaving the mansion, to avoid crossing my path let alone being in the same room as me. She's sitting on the edge of her bed looking absently out of the window until I get there when she turns round. For a brief time there is silence and only her eyes widen but then all hell broke loose. She stood up and stared me right in the eyes unleashing a torrent of words, sentences and just general bad language which was quite disturbing coming from her. But it came out so powerfully that all i could do was stand in the doorway looking like a blithering moron and feel like I'm being swept away by some massive tidal wave of accusations and all out hatred.

Not seeing much point in staying in that room I turned on my heels and beat a hasty retreat down the corridor and out of the mansion. Finally some peace and quiet, well until the hunters come anyway. Now just to get rid of that damn ringing in my ears that little whelp started off with her screaming.....

The End

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