Shiney: Kitchen

I heard others in other rooms, but I felt like having something to eat. I wasn't hungry, of course I'm never hungry, but I hadn't eaten anything in almost a week now. The kitchen was crowded, so I chose a spot of the counter on which to sit. Near me was a blond vampire, and when he turned to face me, his eyes were red.

I could see imediatley that he was uncomfortable with all these many vampires around, like me. "You're new," I said. "Well, so am I, but when did you get here?"

"Sorry," he mummbled. "Crowds, and all, I haven't really met anyone."

"I heard there's a snowball fight outside. Wanna come?" I asked. Hesitantly, he agreed. Though, I knew he would run at the first chance, probably.

"Be on my team!" James yelled at me and the one I had led outside. I was too busy then, to ask his name, as we valiantly fought off Imira, who was... happy, unlike the yelling I had heard earlier.

The End

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