Sara: A new home.

I liked Imira and James, they were friendly. After we'd introduced ourselves James asked me to be on his team. I told him yes, but I went inside to see who else was here. I walked in, there was a little red notebook on the desk. I opened it and read all the names, they were all more interesting than mine. I signed my name under the last one in my messy handwriting and ticked the box marked 'F'. There was a clunk that came from my feet. I looked down to see a small key with a number 14 on it. I put it in my one small pocket and went to where I could smell blood, it was a kitchen. Someone was there.

"Wow. Your eyes are amazing!" they said.

"Thirsty" I mumbled, I hated it when my eyes were red. It normally scared people. I went to the wine rack and opened a juice bottle. It was full of blood, it was cold but I was so thirsty I downed it in one. Now I was entirely consumed by thirst, I could smell that not everyone was a vampire. I would investigate later. I went back outside, there were more people now. I scooped up a massive handful of snow. "Hey Imira!" I yelled, she looked around "Watch out" I told her as I lobbed  the snow right into her face. I smiled to myself, I'd always had good aim.

This was the one place I'd ever felt welcome, the one place I'd ever had fun. Vampire Mansion was my new home.

The End

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