Adrian: Make-over & Honest.

The house was piling up with vampires quick. There were two more girls, and two more guys who had their names on the guest book. Kyoshiro--however you pronounce that, Jay, James, Shiney (really cool) and Sara, abnormally plain for a vampire. How can I complain though? My name is plain, and usually a BOY'S Name!!!

  I climbed the stais and knocked on Narcissa's door,

"Can I come in?" She sat up on her bed, her cheeks were still a little pink, and darkened even more when I walked in. "You better stop blushing sweetie, you're face is just going to pop once day from all the extra blood flow." I winked and her and she looked down at her bed."So is it Jay, or James that you are blushing for again?"

She looked up more embarrassed, and exclaimed "Why is everyone falling in love here now!"

I laughed and rolled onto her bed. "A lot of people are falling in love yes, but I'm not in love with anyone. I don't think Raven is, or Imira, as far as I know Midnight is not in love either." I stopped rolling and looked at her suspiciously "Are you in love with someone?"

She shrugged, not making eye contact with me. "Maybe."

"Awee!!" I squeled, knocking her over and started poking her gently.

The End

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