Jay: I Used To Be A Loner.

Being a Vampire, I didn't socialise much, but here, with other Vampires, what reason was there not to? I finally got out of my room, and went downstairs to see who else was there. I could see- well, smell- that the room was teeming with others like me. Being a stereotype vampire, I was used to being alone. You could call me a 'loner'; everyone else did. but now that I know that they are probably going through the same type of thing, I could socialise more easily. I walked in, nervous of the amount of people.

"You're new."

A girl exclaimed with a warm smile on her lips, "I'm Imira." She held out her hand,

"Jay," I introduced myself, as I grabbed her hand and shook it for a moment. I smiled at her, and sat down on a red setee. Everyone was conversing, laughing and having fun. I was a different story. I hadn't changed in my thousand and two years. I rolled my eyes.

The End

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