Sara: A warm - and also rather cold - welcome

I was running away, again. that was the story of my life, running away. but this time i wasn't running away from something I'd done. No. I was running from the vampire hunters. They were chasing me because I was a vampire, because of who I was. so this time I have to lay the blame on the love of my life, Todd, who also only talked to me once. I wasn't really looking where I was going as I ran through the ferns. just hoping that they would let up soon. so it took me by surprise when a snowball suddenly smacked into the side of my head. i looked toward where it had come from. on a plaque was 'Vampire Mansion' written in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and some other languages I didn't know. I went through he archway to see two people - vampires - having a snowball fight.

"Oh, er sorry about that" the man said sheepishly. "I'm James"

"I'm Imira" laughed the girl.

"I'm Sara" I said. I'd never felt so welcome in all my eight years of vampire life. 

The End

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